52 Weeks of Cooking: Week Twelve - Mac and Cheese

This is the kind of dish that my brother calls "bro food," and he doesn't mean it in a nice way. I wasn't too inspired for the theme of mac and cheese, because, honestly, mac and cheese is already perfect and doesn't need to be messed with. That being said, strangely enough, this blue cheese mac and cheese was better the second day.

The hot wings were cooked with Kenji Lopez-Alt's oven method. The hot wing sauce was made with sriracha, butter, and a little apple cider vinegar. The blue cheese mac and cheese was made by making a roux, adding milk, and adding blue cheese. Mix it together witch some pasta, and sprinkle it with blue cheese crumbles. All in all pretty good. The blue cheese mac and cheese is intense, and is tastes better when combined with the hot wings.