Snacks I Need to Remember, Vol. 1

Chicken Macho Fantastic Wasabi. These things are basically like cheese puffs, but instead of cheese they have wasabi flavoring. Not enough wasabi flavor to clear your sinuses, but enough to remind you that if there was more wasabi it would clear your sinuses.

This isn't an all the time snack, but definitely a nice change up. It would pair very well with a sandwich (big suprise!).


Green Tea Kit-Kats. These things are addictive. They don't really taste anything at all like a normal Kit-Kat. They have the same consistency of a normal Kit-Kat, and feel the same in your mouth, but they taste sort of like white chocolate and green tea.

Fortunately, the tea is not overpowering at all--I think some people wouldn't even taste the tea if they didn't know it was there. They also look cool because they are green. I have given these to my students in the past, and they would go crazy. This was mainly due to the fact that none of them knew where to find them. If you give kids interesting snacks, they usually hook you up with snacks on a regular basis, so it's a win-win situation.


Chimes. These things taste like the Thai equivalent to Werther's Originals (eventhough these are from Indonesia). A great mix of peanut butter and ginger, which reminds me of Thai food. They are sweet and savory, and definitely have a buttery flavor (à la Werther's Originals).

Anyway, I found all of these snacks at the Buford Highway Farmer's Market in Atlanta, GA. Try them if you are into snacks. I posted it here, because like the title says these are Snacks I Need to Remember.