52 Weeks of Cooking: Week Four - Brunch

Week four's theme was brunch on the 52 Weeks of Cooking Challenge. I decided to try something different, and I remembered a recipe from Mission Street Food by Anthony Myint and Karen Leibowitz that I thought people would like. That, however, didn't happen. If upvotes are any indicator of actual "likes" on Reddit, Reddit hated this recipe.

Anyway, I made a giant piece of cinnamon toast crunch. The finished product may look like a square turd, but it's really good. It's actually pretty decadent and amazing. I "adapted" this recipe by adding cinnamon to the butter and not adding chamomile to the milk, and I really piled on the cane sugar (which gives it the turd look). I think this would be a huge hit with children and people with a sweet tooth. My girlfriend loved it. Here's an online copy of the recipe.