Frequently Asked Questions

I'm still grappling with what I want the purpose of this blog to be. Originally, I made this blog as an exercise in getting to know blogger better for use at my job. That quickly segued into a daily photo site, which had a "dispatches" section added shortly afterwards. The name of the site comes from one of my most typed phrases via text messaging:

The plan is to write about things that I find interesting, and, hopefully, this blog will document my life during this period of time. Traveling is my absolute favorite thing to do, so I figured maybe I would write a few blog posts about the different places I travel. The daily pictures are on auto-update and are always a nice surprise for me.

I haven't been advertising this site other than texting a few of my friends (yet somehow I had 33 hits from Israel in one day). My friends' reactions have been varied, but there is one constant question:

Or the less G-Rated question that cuts right to the chase:

Obviously, I've failed to live a life where dick pics are beyond the realm of belief, or it's just that dicks are really funny.